Some thoughts on long-term trends

Taking data from a couple of nodes and plotting it with Grafana results in graphs that are both pretty and interesting.  Below are a few 40-day plots, with some superficial analysis.  Holes in the plots are due to service disruptions.  (Right click->View Image to see a larger version)


Top graph is traffic from ATC frequencies for the nearby international airport, MCI.  Bottom is ADS-B.  Around the middle of the graph we see a streak of red begin, that lasts (with some interruption) until about July 10th.  There seems to have been some issues with the radio for departure west, or perhaps something near to my station was causing interference on this frequency.  I listened in while this was occurring, and indeed there were very frequent, short transmissions of static during this time.

The orange spikes that occur occasionally on the low end of the y-axis on the top graph are UHF, or military aircraft, frequencies.


Here is TPMS, or Tire Pressure Management System, hits near my station.  The high counts that occur once in awhile are due to idle vehicles.  These may be delivery vehicles like UPS, or people idling on the curb, waiting for something.  You can get a rough understanding of traffic ebb and flow down the street by my station from this graph.


Here are the ham radio stations.  Top graph is mostly repeaters, the bottom is storm / emergency networks.  The storm networks were busier in June, when Spring was winding down and weather was changing.  The repeaters are very periodic, and stratified, so that one can infer relatively how far from the station each is, in relation to the others.

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